Tanqueray No. Ten 10 Gin 70cl


Tanqueray No. Ten is the classic luxury gin for connoisseurs. Award-winning and handcrafted in small batches, it is distilled with citrus fruits and botanicals. It is quadruple distilled ensuring unrivaled standards and smoothness.

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Gin became popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, following the increase in duty on French wine and brandy imposed by William III. Until about the beginning of the present century, most gin made in England was sweetened, but sweetened gin then became almost entirely displaced in popular favour by dry gin. One of the finest examples of this style is Tanqueray.

Charles Tanqueray established his distillery in Finsbury, North London where freshwater was then accessible. The year was 1830. Tanqueray was obsessed with producing a premium product, and after some research and success, he gained substantial recognition for his gin. After merging with Gordons in 1898, the U.S. market opened up and Tanqueray was enjoyed by such personalities as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and President Kennedy. The distinctive bottle shape has aided its ongoing market success – its design based on the 19th century London fire hydrants.

In the production of Tanqueray, grain spirit at 96% alc/vol is rectified in pot stills with botanical flavourings. Spirit and botanicals are then boiled, with aromas and flavours infusing in spirit vapours then condensing to form gin. Tanqueray use aged botanicals, maturing wild Tuscan juniper berries for two years before use. Coriander, angelica root, cassia bark, cinnamon, liquorice, lemon and orange peel also determine Tanqueray’s quintessentially English style.

Product Details

Size 700ml
Strength (ABV) 47.3%
Brand Tanqueray
Presentation Glass Bottle
Country England


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